Miami Ad School Briefing: Create a game and experiential marketing that reenforce Adidas Originals vintage personality.
Background: The 80s is hyped. Movies, music and fashion industry are using de 80s as reference for their creations.
Insight: Queen was in their apex in the 80s. Freddie Mercury, the lead singer, in most cases was using Adidas Hercules shoes in their concert.
Idea: Adidas Originals is going to partnership with Queen's 50th anniversary concert and create a 8bit game that connects with the show. People will play to help Freddie come back to earth in time to play at the concert as a hologram.
Role: Art Direction
Gameplay Mood & Adidas Items In Game: During the game, the player will find Adidas products, which will bring special powers to Freddie. Some items will be hidden and players who find will gain exclusive access to real life Adidas Originals products.
Queen will play their 50th anniversary concert with a brand new hologram from Freddie Mercury who has just arrived from Hell. Players who finishes the mobile game will gain special access to the concert.
And after the concert, people will receive a cassete with exclusive 8bit songs from Queen.

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